Andersen Gives 19 Scholarships to Students of Employees

In 2022, Andersen Corporation awarded $2,500 college scholarships to 19 children of employees who work for Andersen and its subsidaries.

Every year, Andersen offers a college scholarship program for high school-age children and stepchildren of eligible active employees. This is just one of the many benefits available to people who work at Andersen and its subsidiaries

19 students who received scholarship

Anna Anderson is going to Winona State University for biology. Her father, Mark, works in Bayport, Minnesota.

Mike Brierton is going to University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to major in accounting. His father, Thomas, works out of Wisconsin.

Isabelle Brummer going to Luther College to study nursing. Her father, Joe, works in Bayport, Minnesota.

Maeve Dillon is going to University of Wisconsin-Madison with a major in business. Her father, Kellan, works out of Illinois.

Kylie Galowitz is going to Grinnell College for biology. Her father, Michael, works in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota. 

Abbegail Heichel is going to the Chicago School of Technology as an architecture student. Her father, Kevin, works in Bayport, Minnesota.

Macy Johnson is going to Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College. Her father, Todd, works in Bayport, Minnesota.

Faith Krapfl is going to Clarke University to pursue a major in secondary education. Her father, Cody works in Dubuque, Iowa.

Mia Liedl is going to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a major in Pre-PA. Her mother, Deborah, works in Bayport, Minnesota.

Haille McDonough is going to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to major in radiology. Her father, Paul, works in Bayport, Minnesota.

Justin Moe is going to University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for computer science. His mother, Debra, works in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.

 Cecilia Sarnowski is going to Saint Joseph’s University with a major in chemistry. Her father, Richard Demarais, works out of Rhode Island.

Kaitlyn Smith is going to the University of Northern Iowa to double-major in psychology and criminology. Her father, Jacob in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Isabelle Szela is going to Arizona State University to study political science. Her father, Lukasz, works for Renewal by Andersen in Illinois. 

Brooklyn Tolzman is going to University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a major in agriculture education. Her father, Jeremy, works in Bayport, Minnesota.

Eunice Tong is going to University of Minnesota to study chemistry. Her father, Sai, works in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.

Madison Trautmiller is going to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a major in health education. Her father, Tim, works in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.

Tyler Ulrich is going to University of Minnesota-Duluth to major in chemistry. His mother, Stacy, works in Bayport, Minnesota.

Nora Wilcek is going to University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Her father, Greg, works in Bayport, Minnesota.

Posted: June 7, 2023