Andersen and Shen-Paco: A 20-Year Journey of Empowerment and Inclusivity

Andersen and Shen-Paco: A 20-Year Journey of Empowerment and Inclusivity

For two decades, the relationship between Andersen’s Luray, Virginia, plant and Shen-Paco Industries has shone as a beacon of collaboration, empowerment, and inclusivity. What started as a simple initiative to provide opportunities for people with disabilities has grown into a heartwarming tale of growth, support, and friendship.

Located just down the street from the Luray storm door manufacturing plant is Shen-Paco Industries, a local company that provides an array of services to people with disabilities focusing on education, development, vocational training, employment and residential services. What many don’t know is Shen-Paco employees are proudly assembling Andersen® storm door assembly springs with hinges as part of their supported employment program.

‘A Sense of Purpose and Belonging’

Reflecting on the journey, Barbie Rhodes, Shen-Paco program director expressed, “The past 20 years have been a testament to the transformative power of partnerships. Through our collaboration with Andersen, we’ve not only provided employment to our participants but also enriched their lives with a sense of purpose and belonging.”

The relationship with Shen-Paco’s Page County location began in 2003. Today, more than 25 people with disabilities are paid for their work with Andersen’s storm door hinge assembly.

Each morning, a Shen-Paco supervisor picks up door hinges, springs and other needed materials from Andersen. The crew then assembles the springs, making sure they are clean and packaged for transport. At the end of each day, the completed assemblies are taken back to the Luray storm door plant.

“The dedication and enthusiasm that the Shen-Paco employees bring to their work is a daily reminder of the importance of creating an inclusive workforce,” said Roberta Randall, supply chain analyst at Andersen. “They have become an integral part of our team, showcasing the strength of diversity and the value it brings.”

The Andersen Corporate Foundation has also provided grants to Shen-Paco, supporting facility upgrades, purchasing AEDs and program materials.

Andersen and Shen-Paco: A 20-Year Journey of Empowerment and Inclusivity

Jim Gelina, vice president of Andersen’s storm door division, spoke of the profound impact of the relationship: “Witnessing the growth and accomplishments of the Shen-Paco employees has been truly inspiring. We are honored to have played a role in their journey and are committed to continuing this meaningful collaboration.”

As the two organizations celebrate this remarkable 20-year journey, the story of their relationship stands as a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when business and the community come together with a shared vision of empowerment and inclusivity.

Posted: October 30, 2023