Andersen’s Campus Recruiting Team Honored for Internship Program

Andersen’s Campus Recruiting Team Honored for Internship Program

A highlight each summer at Andersen is the influx of 60-plus student interns who are beginning to take their first steps in their careers.

RippleMatch, a recruiting platform with a primary audience of students, has recently selected Andersen Corporation as a winner of its 2024 Campus Forward Award in the category of Midsize Early Career Programs (86-175 entry-level and intern hires annually). From a pool of competitive applicants, Andersen’s internship program was selected among the top 50 Midsize Early Career Programs in the country. The selection process was based on candidate experience, innovative recruitment strategies, approach to diversity recruiting and internship and entry-level programs.

A Stellar Recruiting Team

Andersen’s Campus Recruiting and Campus Relations team has gone above and beyond when it comes to leading diversity recruiting initiatives. The team also receives major support from over 25 team members from various departments willing to travel and recruit potential interns across the country.

“We go to a wide variety of schools to get different diversity of thought and people,” said Raven Jones, talent acquisition manager. “Even though we’re a midsized internship program, our interns come from across the country. In fact, a good portion of our interns come from outside of Minnesota where we have our headquarters.”

The Campus Recruiting and Campus Relations team are working hard to find qualified students for the internship program beginning in May. There will be 68 intern roles filled by this summer. Andersen’s internship program runs for 12 weeks (May-August). Last year’s interns worked in departments such as engineering, marketing, sales operations, supply chain, IT, finance, and the Customer Experience & Response Team (CERT). At the end of the summer, interns present their final project to senior leadership and Andersen’s enterprise.

“We’ve made the effort to visit various Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to gain connections and eventually hire them as interns,” said Felicia Nguyen, associate talent acquisition partner. According to Felicia, receiving this award could mean potentially connecting with future interns that Andersen hasn’t reached yet.

“This is important to us because exposure on RippleMatch allows us to connect with students who see our brand next to other top companies that they might’ve not seen prior,” said Felicia.

Continued Employment Opportunities with Andersen After an Internship

In addition to the summer internship program, the Campus Recruiting and Campus Relations team manages the recent graduate program and the rotational program, both targeted toward early career paths. There are six rotational programs which include development in:

  • Operations Leadership
  • Research
  • Logistics
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Marketing 

They last for two years and include four to six-month rotations. The rotations are tailored to maximize learning and growth, and participants are connected with a mentor who will guide them through the program. 

To explore a career at Andersen, visit our Careers website.

Posted: February 2, 2024