Poll Workers Across the Country Protected by Andersen Face Shields

For nearly a fourth of her lifetime, Andersen Corporation employee Anna Bosak has volunteered to serve as an election poll worker in Minnesota. And she’s only 30.

“Working at a polling place is a really fulfilling way to spend Election Day,” said Bosak, who works as Andersen’s community relations manager. “You have the chance to help your neighbors cast their votes, and you learn a lot about the election and vote-counting process.”

Bosak’s passion for democracy led her to join in Andersen’s “get out the vote” campaign in 2020. The company is participating in Time to Vote, a non-partisan movement of employers stepping up to do their part to increase voter participation. Andersen is also a proud supporter of Business for America’s Operation Vote Safe, through which the company is donating personal protective equipment (PPE) to volunteers who will be working the polls on Election Day.

Earlier this spring, Andersen’s Research, Development and Innovation team launched a project to design, develop and manufacture critical PPE, including face shields to support efforts to fight the coronavirus in our communities.

In preparation for the upcoming election, Andersen has donated more than 35,000 of these face shields to states across the country, including 8,900 face shields for use in Minnesota, and more than 27,000 for use in Alabama, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Montana, South Dakota and New Mexico. These face shields will help poll workers stay safe and healthy while making sure that in-person voting will be available.

“This donation is just one way that Andersen is contributing to a successful 2020 election,” Bosak said. “Employees are encouraged to participate in the democratic process by making a plan to get involved and making their voice heard.”

Poll Worker Shortage in 2020
Every year, more than 600,000 poll workers are needed at 200,000-plus polling locations across America. Poll workers are critical to making Election Day possible.

It was reported that America was facing a shortage of these critical poll workers for the 2020 election. In previous years, 70 percent of local jurisdictions found it difficult to recruit enough workers. With the coronavirus pandemic, the problem was expected to be more severe — in the past, more than two-thirds of poll workers were over age 60, meaning that many could stay home this year because of elevated coronavirus risk.

Through Andersen’s get out the vote campaign, Bosak has shared her positive experiences as a poll worker with others. The result: Andersen employees across the company have registered to be poll workers in their communities this year — many for the first time.

Annie Zipfel, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, registered to work as an election judge in Minnesota. Annie shared: “I feel so inspired to do my part in the voting process. We just lapped 100 years of women having the right to vote in the U.S., and I never take that for granted. This year, with COVID-19 really reducing the availability of election judges, it just feels like one simple thing I can do to help facilitate voting in our areas.”

Grant Davis, senior vice president and general manager of Andersen’s residential and commercial division also decided to become a poll worker in 2020. “Voting is one of our civic responsibilities, so it’s critically important to help make it possible for everyone to exercise their right to vote,” Davis said. “I’m looking forward to being able to personally make an impact on the success of Election Day, and I’m proud to be a part of Andersen’s efforts to encourage voter participation.”

For over 117 years, Andersen has demonstrated a commitment to our communities. A proud part of the company’s culture is embracing individual differences and encouraging citizenship so that each and every person’s voice is heard. Andersen is committed to supporting the upcoming election and proud to help make sure everyone who participates can do so safely.



Posted: October 27, 2020