Andersen Corporation Distributes Annual Profit Sharing to Employees

Andersen Corporation announced today it will pay out $22.7 million to eligible employees as part of the company's annual profit sharing.

In recognition of employee contributions to Andersen's 2019 business performance, eligible employees who worked the full year received $2,500, which is an 18-percent increase over 2018 profit sharing.

Andersen's longstanding legacy of profit sharing dates back to 1914 when founder Hans J. Andersen signed the first checks himself. Recognizing employees by sharing in the company's profits is entirely voluntary and approved by the Board of Directors. The current program rewards each eligible employee equally, with the payout amount based on the company's earnings.

This week, leaders and employees celebrated with gatherings across the enterprise.

"Andersen's success is driven by the collective talents of every one of our valued employees, each sharing their unique skills and experiences to further a common goal and commitment to our customers," said Jay Lund, chairman and CEO of Andersen Corporation. "Our tradition of celebrating profit sharing is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from production and our daily roles to share our success and honor our employees."

Photo: Andersen Corporation Chairman and CEO Jay Lund thanks customer service representative, Dawn Ampey, during one of Andersen’s 2019 profit sharing celebrations.

Posted: December 20, 2019