Andersen Supports KAYSC Youth Science Day

On Thursday, July 19, the Science Museum of Minnesota will host the Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center (KAYSC) Youth Science Day. The annual event celebrates young people and the work and learning they do around science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Volunteers from Andersen Corporation will be supporting fun STEM activities for up to 4,000 museum visitors expected on that day.

Andersen is proud to sponsor Youth Science Day where 4,000+ attendees will discover the exciting world of STEM, meet the youth of the KAYSC and other youth organizations, and see the awesome work they do to improve our communities through STEM. Teens from the KAYSC will show off their science learning and outreach projects, alongside interactive activities hosted by community organizations leading in the STEM field. 
New at this year’s Youth Science Day event is Vocation Vibes, a career fair for attendees ages 14-25. Andersen will lead two workshops to help young people interested in STEM careers learn important resume and interview skills.

Angel Rich, founder and chief executive officer of The Wealth Factor, will host a question and answer session for Vocation Vibes attendees.

In 1996, the Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center (KAYSC) was created to provide out-of-school programming for hundreds of underserved youth with goals of building leadership skills, career readiness, and fostering confidence and appreciation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

The KAYSC helps youth by teaching them practical technology skills, getting them involved and invested in community contribution and service, and preparing them for education and future careers.

Andersen Supports KAYSC Youth Science Day
Andersen Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer, Holly Boehne, presented a $15,000 sponsorship check to the Science Museum of Minnesota in support of the KAYSC Youth Science Day. Youth Science Day is part of the Science Museum’s Year of the Engineer which aims to reach one million people with engineering inspiration. 


Posted: July 17, 2018