Rapson's Glass Cube

Designing his own weekend home was a lot tougher than award-winning architect Ralph Rapson thought. Mainly because a conventional retreat just wouldn't do. He wanted a place that would allow him to take advantage of the picturesque Apple River Valley. But one that would not interfere with the valley's natural woodland beauty. So Mr. Rapson designed a transparent home to permit continuity of nature throughout the house, when experienced from both inside and out.

His vehicle for bringing the idea to life? Andersen® Perma-Shield® Windows and Gliding Doors. Mr. Rapson was impressed by their solid, sturdy construction and neat, trim lines. And Mrs. Rapson liked their smooth, silent, easy operation. The Rapsons will have plenty of time away window chores to enjoy their home, too. Because Perma-Shield Windows and Gliding Doors are made of wood and sheathed in long-life rigid vinyl that doesn't chip, crack or peel. Doesn't rust, pit or corrode. And double-pane insulating glass eliminates storm window bother.