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It can be hard to put your finger on the exact style you'd like for your home. To help, Andersen has done extensive research into 14 architectural styles and how windows and doors play a critical role in achieving them. We've compiled it all into our Home Style Library so you can browse and land on the perfect style for your home.

International Modern Home Style from Andersen Windows

International Modern

The French/Swiss architect known as Le Corbusier is closely associated with this home style. His thinking was that function outweighed style. He stripped much of the ornamentation away leaving precise, machine-like forms he called "machines a habiter" which translated into "machines for living".

International modern home style

Essential Style Elements

• Windows featuring narrow frame profiles to make the frame disappear as much as possible
• Predominantly large windows arranged in groupings to form rectangles or squares, sometimes extending from floor to ceiling or wrapping around corners
• Recessed windows that create negative space, which contrasts with the positive space of the walls
• Sculptural and asymmetrical arrangement of intersecting block forms with a flat roof

Colors and Finishes

While the exteriors of International Modern style homes may feature a range of painted colors, the most common color is white. On the interior, when a painted finish is used, it is most frequently white.
International Modern Exterior Colors
International Modern Interior Colors

Design Your Own International Modern Window Or Door

Start with a pre-designed window or door within our design tool, then make your own adjustments to end up with the perfect design you're looking for.

More On This Home Style

Pattern books from the Andersen Style Library present quintessential details of the most popular American architectural styles, with an emphasis on window and door design. The result of years of research, they exist to make it easier to create homes with architectural authenticity.

Download the pattern book below, or view it in the app (available from both iTunes and Google Play.)
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International Modern Home Style Pattern Book