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It can be hard to put your finger on the exact style you'd like for your home. To help, Andersen has done extensive research into 14 architectural styles and how windows and doors play a critical role in achieving them. We've compiled it all into our Home Style Library so you can browse and land on the perfect style for your home.

Craftsman Bungalow Home Style

Craftsman Bungalow

The Craftsman Bungalow home is one of the most common house styles that emerged from the Arts & Crafts movement of the early 20th century. Shallow pitched roofs, exposed rafter tails and a mixture of materials like brick, shingles and siding are all telltale characteristics. Our example is a 1-1/2 story bungalow variation that first appeared in the early 1900s and remains popular today.

Craftsman Bungalow Style Elements

Essential Style Elements

• Steep French, Mansard or multiple-pitch gable roofs
• Conical-roofed round towers and/or dormers
• Modest timber frame with stucco or stone exteriors
• Symmetrical window and door compositions in formal houses; asymmetrical compositions in informal houses
Craftsman Bungalow Quintessential Doors

Quintessential Windows

While Craftsman Bungalow homes utilize a variety of window types, some themes remain consistent within the style. Double-hung windows with stained wood interiors are predominant, but casement windows are also common. The windows are typically vertical in proportion, although single-opening accent windows do not always follow this rule. Grilles are used in the upper windows and are vertically proportioned or square. Grilles are never horizontal, even in accent windows.

Craftsman Bungalow Doors

Quintessential Doors

Craftsman Bungalow homes typically have one main entry door, although there can be numerous auxiliary doors leading to patios, decks, the backyard or a side yard. Both main entry and auxiliary doors are rectangular. The appearance of main entry doors ranges from plain to fancy and does not necessarily correspond to the overall elaborateness of the home. The main entry is most often a single inswing door. For an opening that is wider than standard dimensions, a single door is widened within buildable limits. Double doors are appropriate only in auxiliary locations, never on the front facade, and are typically hinged. Due to the reverence for wood in the Arts & Crafts movement, Craftsman Bungalow doors typically feature stained wood and are rarely painted. Stained wood also helps accentuate any use of art glass, which is common to doors of this style.

Colors and Finishes

Craftsman Bungalow window colors favor warm, earthy browns, greens, burgundies and yellows. The window frame and sash are usually one color, the window trim is a contrasting color and the home’s siding color is close to the color of the window frame and sash.
Craftsman Bungalow Exterior Colors
Craftsman Bungalow Interior Colors
Craftsman Bungalow Color Combinations

Color Combinations

This chart shows the various color combinations that make up the Craftsman Bungalow home style.

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Pattern books from the Andersen Style Library present quintessential details of the most popular American architectural styles, with an emphasis on window and door design. The result of years of research, they exist to make it easier to create homes with architectural authenticity.

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