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It can be hard to put your finger on the exact style you'd like for your home. To help, Andersen has done extensive research into 14 architectural styles and how windows and doors play a critical role in achieving them. We've compiled it all into our Home Style Library so you can browse and land on the perfect style for your home.

american farmhouse home style

American Farmhouse

First emerging in the Midwest in the mid-1800s, the American Farmhouse style ranges from small, simple structures to more elaborate homes bordering on Victorian. Our American Farmhouse is a modern interpretation of this classic home style.
american farmhouse essential style elements

Essential Style Elements

• Asymmetrical massing with a gable at the front of the house
• One-and-a-half to two stories
• Open floor plan with central chimney
• Intersecting gable roofs
• Wraparound porches
• Simple detailing
american farmhouse quintessential windows

Quintessential Windows

The traditional American Farmhouse style window is a double-hung window that is taller than it is wide. Historically, the window’s size was determined by what was available at the time and by what the owner could afford. The number of windows and their placement also varied from house to house. More affluent homeowners used window combinations, bay windows plus occasional decorative elements often borrowed from Victorian style architecture. Less affluent homeowners chose smaller, single windows. Accent windows may also be used, particularly in gable locations.
american farmhouse quintessential doors

Quintessential Doors

American Farmhouse style homes combine a mix of influences, with their doors revealing a blend of Colonial, Victorian and old-world elements. The front door is located on the porch and is traditionally a single, paneled door. The top panels may be replaced by glass, and there may be sidelights, a transom window or both. Double doors at the main entry are not common. Side doors and back doors are similar to front doors but do not have sidelights. Plus, they usually have glass panels in their upper halves to allow light into the kitchen or back hallway. Transom windows may also be used, depending on ceiling height and the detailing of the home. While patio doors were not used in original American Farmhouse style homes, these doors can be appropriately styled for today’s houses. Finally, doors are almost always painted, although a door made of hardwood can be stained.

Colors and Finishes

American Farmhouse style colors reflect the limited choices available to homeowners during the style’s evolution, as well as colors that were popular in other architectural styles. The rich, earth-tone colors from the Victorian color palette, plus the whites and pastels of Colonial Revival homes, are often borrowed for American Farmhouse style homes.
American Farmhouse Exterior Colors
American Farmhouse Interior Colors
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Color Combinations

This chart shows the various color combinations that make up the American Farmhouse home style

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More On This Home Style

Pattern books from the Andersen Style Library present quintessential details of the most popular American architectural styles, with an emphasis on window and door design. The result of years of research, they exist to make it easier to create homes with architectural authenticity.

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