Designing to Maximize Views

Brought to you in collaboration with the publishers of Professional Builder and Custom Builder magazines

Incredible views can be irresistible to a potential homebuyer. While most homes may not offer scenic vistas of mountains, water, or skyscrapers, all of them offer opportunities to celebrate the outdoors.

Here is some design advice for making the most of available views.

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Embrace the landscape
You can create a seamless connection with the exterior environment by providing an expansive view of the surrounding landscapes. Large glass doors, window walls, or a family of picture or double-hung windows are effective options for capturing backyard vistas.

Celebrate the sky
Angling a house southward can help minimize direct sun exposure so sky views are more practical. Taller or multistory windows will bring calming blue hues into interior living spaces. And Andersen offers a variety of glass options and coatings to help manage heat gain.

Preserve wall space
Embracing the outdoors doesn’t have to come at the expense of precious wall space. Clerestory windows let in ambient light while leaving eye-level wall space open for displaying books, curios, or artwork.
Porch with Glass Barrier
Choose grilles wisely
Grilles serve important decorative and privacy functions, but in some cases, they might obstruct a cherished view. Keep that in mind when selecting grille patterns and types.

Protect privacy
Thanks to the growing availability of unobtrusive window-covering options, homeowners can embrace the outdoors without sacrificing their privacy. Consider a variety of window opacity levels to align with the privacy needs of each space.

Go deckless or use glass or wire railings 
While backyard decks remain standard outdoor spaces in many homes, they should be planned with an eye toward emphasizing, not hindering, views. For homes with scenic waterfront or landscape vistas, consider foregoing a central deck or using understated railings to preserve the dramatic view.