How to Build a Trusting Relationship with Your Clients

Brought to you in collaboration with the publishers of Professional Builder and Custom Builder magazines

contractor and customer looking at plans for new products

When someone decides to build or renovate a home, they enter into one of the most significant—and often stressful—periods of their life. Throughout every phase of the experience, they seek a builder who is trustworthy, reliable and honest. Someone who will understand their vision and help them achieve it.

By focusing on these priorities, home builders can form a loyal, long-term relationship with clients. Each interaction is an opportunity to convey your commitment to their best interests.

Here are a few ways you can demonstrate your overall value to clients throughout their home building experience:


Be candid. Have straightforward conversations with your clients to ensure all roles and expectations are well defined and clearly articulated. Be upfront about the challenges of any major construction project. And never make promises that can’t be fulfilled.

Listen closely. Pay close attention to your clients’ goals and overall vision. Seek to understand their priorities and potential concerns about the process. Ask specific questions if they’re hesitant to open up.


Solve problems. Proactively address project challenges by identifying potential solutions and communicating them to your clients. Acknowledge the source(s) of the issue and commit to fixing it. When conflicts arise, avoid emotional reactions and keep the conversation focused on addressing the actual problem.


Be available. Commit to making yourself available to clients when they have a question or concern. Take the time to educate them throughout the process. And invite them to contact you whenever it is convenient for them.


Provide long-term support. Continue to support clients after construction is complete. Follow up soon after the job is done and continue reaching out to them periodically to check in. Customers should feel that you care about them as people, not just as sources of revenue.


Trust is one of the most important components of a successful, long-term client relationship. Once trust is breached, it can be very difficult to restore. But when it’s reinforced, trust can foster loyalty and an ongoing source of future referrals.