Install a 400 Series Woodwright® Double-Hung Insert Window

Eight-part video series offers step-by-step instructions for planning, removing, installing, and finishing a replacement window project using the Andersen 400 Series Woodwright® Double-Hung Replacement Window Insert.  Every installation is different.  Please refer to the product installation guide for complete installation details.

Part 1: Assessment

This installation project will replace the window with a Andersen 400 Series Double-Hung Insert window, and leave the interior and exterior trim intact. Your first step is to assess the project needs carefully, taking photographs and accurate measurements of the existing windows.

Part 2: Measurement

Learn how to measure the existing window frame and sill angle to determine what size insert window you will need. Andersen offers three sill angle options to give you a better fit for your window.

Part 3: Interior Tear Out

You can choose to remove the existing window from the interior or exterior of the house. In this video, you'll learn the interior removal method that doesn't damage the existing window frame. Next, you'll prepare the area to receive the new insert window.

Part 4: Exterior Tear Out

Alternatively you can remove the existing window from the exterior of the house. Watch how to ensure it the empty frame is square, insulate the hollow areas and seal it from wind and water.

Part 5: Interior Installation

You can install the insert window from the interior or exterior. In this interior installation tutorial, you'll learn how to prepare the rough opening for the new window and prepare the new insert window for installation.

Part 6: Exterior Installation

Installing windows from the exterior may be more efficient in some situations. Learn how to prepare the rough opening and the new insert window units for installation.

Part 7: Exterior Trim

Learn how to measure, cut and install the exterior trim, also called stop covers, provided with each insert window. Use a rubber mallet to attach securely

Part 8: Completion

After finishing the window installation, fill in all holes and fully clean up the work area to make sure your clients will be pleased with both the new windows and the installation process.