Tips for Smart Recruiting and Hiring

Faced with a growing labor shortage and generational shifts in the workforce, smart builders are taking a proactive approach to recruiting.

Here are a few ideas for attracting talented workers to your business.

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Use a variety of recruiting strategies. To reach individuals from multiple generations, consider approaches that combine traditional and non-traditional strategies, including print and online advertising, participation in career fairs, social media, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Highlight your culture. People want to join a company that aligns with their values and personality. Help potential employees get a sense of your company culture by showcasing its leadership, camaraderie among employees, community involvement, and other unique aspects of working there.

Craft compelling job descriptions. Instead of writing job descriptions as a tedious list of responsibilities, approach them as an opportunity to highlight valuable experiences that help build a career.

Have a well-defined interview process. Establish consistency throughout the interview process to ensure you’re judging all candidates fairly and thoroughly.

Carefully screen potential employees. Beyond evaluating the skills and experience of candidates, try to assess their cultural fit with the organization and likelihood to stay long-term.

Offer competitive pay and benefits. Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong compensation and benefits package to convincing potential employees to join your team.

Emphasize safety. Make sure candidates know that their safety is a top priority to you and your firm.

Maintain frequent contact with interested candidates. Approach recruiting as an ongoing process rather than a single event. Like any sales cycle, it involves engaging with prospects at every stage of their decision-making journey.