Investing in Your People

The most compelling reason to invest in training your people is the high cost of replacing them. On average, companies spend more than $4,100 to hire a new employee, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

By offering training resources and opportunities for your employees, you're making a wise investment in the future of your business.
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It starts with onboarding
Training begins with an effective onboarding process that goes beyond standard paperwork and policies. Whether or not your company has a formal orientation program in place, it’s important to create a positive experience for each new employee. That can be as simple as ensuring he or she is greeted warmly, taken to lunch, and has all of the necessary tools to do the job.

Mentoring cultivates loyalty
Formal or informal mentoring is one of the most effective ways of equipping employees with the resources and support for long-term success. This long-standing practice pairs new hires or less experienced employees with company veterans so they can learn from their wisdom and advice.

Apprenticeships build leaders
Apprenticeship programs provide an opportunity for individuals to learn more specific knowledge or skills from someone with specialized expertise that is of value to the employee’s career growth.

A training culture 
Building a culture of training involves integrating ongoing opportunities for learning and professional growth in your organization. It also means enlisting the support of product manufacturers to train your crews to install and maintain their products. Andersen provides product and installation support to builders to help equip them for success.

Building the talent pipeline 
Homebuilders also have an opportunity to help attract the next generation of builders by engaging with students at local high schools and vocational schools. Many of these students may not even be aware of the career options available to them or how to pursue them.