Windows Make Bold Statement in Dark Colors

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For several years now, dark colored window and door interiors and exteriors have been growing in popularity. No longer confined to a neutral color palette, today’s windows are making a much bolder design statement thanks to the newly available, rich, dark colors that add dramatic style to a space.

While still popular, traditional whites, beiges and creams are quickly giving way to blacks, dark browns, bronzes and grays. These darker hues elevate windows into works of art, framing the outside view the way a mat frames a painting. Contrasting with light-colored walls, dark windows and trim help to anchor a room and contribute to a polished, sophisticated space by adding depth and creating a focused visual impact.
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Here are a few additional reasons homeowners may want dark windows:

  • Are flexible enough to accommodate traditional, contemporary and industrial aesthetics.
  • Pair well with the full color spectrum.
  • Provide an ideal counterweight to light-colored walls and furniture in kitchens and living rooms.
  • Can eliminate the need for expensive window treatments, as dark windows are meant to be shown off and accent the home décor.
  • Create a stronger connection with the outdoors by blending exterior and interior spaces.
Not to mention that bold, dark colors are on-trend with home design; something homeowners are increasingly asking for from designers and builders.
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When choosing dark colors for interiors or exteriors there are several options to choose from to achieve the look.

  • Wood that has already been stained using a dark color such as espresso, russet or mocha.
  • Factory-applied paint to wood windows.
  • Composites, such as Andersen® Fibrex® material, made of reclaimed wood fiber and polymer that won’t fade, flake blister or peel.
  • Painted wood interiors with anodized aluminum exteriors.
  • Colors other than black such as dark bronze, cocoa bean, forest green, red rock or stormy blue.
  • Custom colors that can be applied during manufacturing.