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Modernizing Traditional Homes

Modernizing Traditional Homes

The quest to achieve a laid-back-at-home lifestyle and create a sanctuary from daily pressures has inspired changes in home design. Whether English Tudor or Dutch colonial, farmhouse or mid-century, modernizing traditional home styles is becoming the go-to way to get it.
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Characteristics of a Modern Farmhouse Style

Though it may be located in the heart of a thriving metropolis, the modern farmhouse is part of a broader movement that includes farm-to-table eating, walkable community living and a more casual family lifestyle.
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Modern Product Showcase

Andersen® window and door products can turn an otherwise traditional design into a contemporary home with our customized product offerings including black or dark bronze exterior and interior color options.
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Celebrating the Indoor-Outdoor Connection

As homeowners embrace their natural surroundings, glass offers a world of opportunities to designers and builders.
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Andersen Product Showcase

Andersen has a wide range of window and door products that connect indoor and outdoor spaces. We bring visions to life.
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3 Trends in Contemporary Home Design

The market for contemporary housing is growing and with it comes a new set of design trends. Discover a world of unconventional colors, transparency and a blending of environments.
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Contemporary Product Solutions

We offer a broad range of product solutions to support contemporary home projects. Our window and door products deliver performance, style, and design continuity.