100 Series Awning Window

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Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. Usually wider than they are tall, their entire sash opens to provide full side-to-side ventilation, allowing them to catch breezes from any direction. They are often used above, below or alongside stationary windows to provide ventilation because, when open, their sash can function like a roof, providing a measure of shelter from light rain.

Andersen 100 Series awning windows are made with our patented, revolutionary Fibrex® composite material to give you a window that is durable, environmentally responsible, energy efficient, and available in deep, rich colors.

  • Can also be ordered as stationary windows
  • Six exterior colors with two interior color options
  • Durable, low-maintenance matte finish
  • Engineered with innovative, sustainable Fibrex material
  • Exceptional value
  • Low-E Glass standard
  • Full-perimeter weatherstripping for energy efficiency
  • Will not fade, flake, blister or peel
  • Custom Sizes
  • Replacement Option
  • Patterned Glass Featured Icon

Size Options

Andersen® 100 Series awning windows are available in custom sizes in 1/8” increments, providing a more weathertight fit for any replacement project.
  • Custom Sizing
    Custom Sizes
    Width: 1'5-1/2" to 3'11-1/2"
    Height: 1'5-1/2" to 2'11-1/2"

Shape Options

Andersen® 100 Series awning windows are rectangular.
  • Horizontal Rectangle Window Shape
    Horizontal Rectangle


Andersen® 100 Series awning windows can be combined with 100 Series picture, specialty and transom windows, as well as other 100 Series awning windows.
  • 3-Wide Awning
    3-Wide Awning
  • Half Circle over 2-Wide Awning
    Half Circle over 2-Wide Awning
  • Half Circle over 3-High Awning
    Half Circle over 3-High Awning

Glass Options

Choose the right glass to maximize performance. Our Andersen 100 Series includes the following glass options, all of which are available with enhanced Sound Transmission Control (STC) to help keep the noise outside from coming into your home:
  • Low-E® Glass

    Outstanding overall thermal performance for climates where both heating and cooling costs are a concern.

  • SmartSun™ Glass

    Superior solar control glass that offers high visibility.

  • Dual-Pane Glass

    Basic thermal performance for moderate climates. See your local building code requirements.

Strength Options

Tempered glass is standard on all Andersen® 100 Series doors and is available on all 100 Series windows. Other glass options are also available; see your Andersen dealer for details.
  • Tempered Glass

    Stronger than Low-E glass. Available for 100 Series windows.


Maximize light while obscuring the view into your home with patterned glass by Andersen. Our patterned glass is ideal in bathrooms, entryways, offices and other areas where you want to let light into the home while obscuring the vision of people outside. It delivers all the benefits of Low-E glass and can also be ordered with SmartSun™ Low-E glass. Choose from four decorative patterned glass designs to let light in while blurring visibility.
  • shapes
  • shapes
  • shapes
  • shapes

Grille Patterns

Window grilles offer an extra design touch to enhance any architectural style or express the taste of any homeowner. They have an elegant, sculpted profile, plus they offer a two-sided color scheme, allowing you to have grilles that match not only the white interior but also your exterior color choice.

A sample of our patterns for casement windows is shown below. Many more are available. Patterns for other windows or patio doors may differ, depending on product type and size. For details, see your Andersen dealer.

  • Colonial Grille Pattern
  • Prairie Grille Pattern
  • Short Franctional Grille Pattern
    Short Fractional
  • Specified Equal Light Grille Pattern
    Specified Equal Light

Grille Configurations

Andersen 100 Series products are available with Finelight™ grilles-between-the-glass that make window and patio door glass easy to clean.
  • Finelight (between-the-glass) Grille Configurations
    Finelight™ Grilles Between-the-Glass
    Andersen® Finelight™ grilles are installed between the glass panes and feature a contoured 3/4-inch profile.

Grille Widths

Customize the look of your windows and doors with grilles from Andersen.

  • Three Quarters Inch Finelight Grille Width Profile
    3/4" (Finelight Only)


Andersen® 100 Series products give you attractive white hardware that matches the interior of your windows, and with reliable performance that lasts for years. Our awning window hardware folds down so it doesn’t interfere with window treatments.
Crank Handle - Folding
Folding Handle
  • White Hardware Finish
  • sandstone hardware finish


  • TruScene Screen 100 Series
    Insect Screens

    Insect screens for windows and patio doors have a fiberglass screen cloth. Optional TruScene® insect screens for windows are made with a micro-fine stainless steel mesh, providing 50% more clarity than our conventional insect screens.


Durable Andersen® 100 Series products come with factory-finished interiors and exteriors that never need painting and won’t flake, rust, blister, peel, pit or corrode.

  • Fibrex® Material
    The Fibrex® material used for Andersen 100 Series frames and sash blocks thermal transfer nearly 700 times better than aluminum.
    Learn more about Fibrex®

    Control your heating and cooling costs by choosing the best type of glass for your climate and performance needs.

    Find the ENERGY STAR® Product Performance Rating
  • NFRC Ratings
    Use National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ratings to quickly compare window and door energy efficiency.
    Learn more about NFRC Ratings
  • Performance Grade
    Performance Grade (PG) represents a window or door's resistance to infiltration by wind, water or forced entry. This measurement replaces Design Pressure (DP) ratings.
    Learn more about PG Ratings


Andersen® 100 Series windows and doors are low maintenance and are covered by our exclusive Owner-2-Owner® limited warranty.
  • Register Your Owner-To-Owner® Warranty
    By registering, you will expedite any warranty service you may have in the future. In addition, you can receive product information updates, safety notices and special offers.
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