A-Series Circle / Oval Specialty Window

  • Interior Wood (6)
    • Pine Wood SpeciesPine
    • Oak Wood Species  Oak
    • Maple Wood Species  Maple
    • Cherry Wood Species Cherry
    • Douglas Fir Wood Species Douglas Fir
    • Mahogany Wood Species Mahogany
  • Interior Finish (10)
    • Unfinished/Natural Interior Finish Natural
    • White Exterior Color SwatchWhite
    • Primed Interior Finish Birch Bark
    • Primed Interior Finish Primed
    • Clear Coat Interior FinishClear Coat
    • Honey Interior Finish Honey
    • Cinnamon Interior FinishCinnamon
    • Russet Interior Finish Russet
    • Mocha Interior Finish Mocha
    • Espresso Interior Finish Espresso
  • Exterior Color (11)
    • White Exterior Color SwatchWhite
    • Sandtone Exterior Color Swatch Sandtone
    • Canvas Exterior Color Swatch Canvas
    • Prairie Grass Exterior Color Swatch Prairie Grass
    • Terratone Exterior Color Swatch Terratone®
    • Forest Green Exterior Color Swatch Forest Green
    • Dove Gray Exterior Color Swatch Dove Gray
    • Dark Bronze Exterior Color Swatch Dark Bronze
    • Cocoa Bean Exterior Color Swatch Cocoa Bean
    • Red Rock Exterior Color Swatch Red Rock
    • Black Exterior Color Swatch Black


Specialty circle and oval windows are stationary (non-opening) windows characterized by their special shapes. They can be used to provide singular points of light and delicate architectural accents, or combined to create a signature statement.

  • Architecturally inspired and elegant style
  • Signature design element of home
  • Achieve hundreds of design combinations by choosing separate colors for sash frame and trim
  • Eleven exterior colors
  • Natural oak, maple, or pine interiors which are available with any of ten finish options
  • Energy efficient
  • Dual-layer, compressible bulb weatherstripping seals out dust, wind and water
  • Superior PG Performance Featured Icon
  • Stormwatch Coastal Protection
  • Art Glass Featured Icon

Glass Options

Glass can affect energy efficiency more than any other part of a window or patio door—and not all glass performs the same. Andersen offers one of the industry’s widest arrays of glass options, enabling you to find the right choice for your climate and your home. 

Our Andersen A-Series includes the following glass options, all of which can be enhanced to improve Sound Transmission Control (STC) and make them more burglar resistant:

  • Low-E4® Glass
    Outstanding overall thermal performance for climates where both heating and cooling costs are a concern. Standard.
  • Low-E4® SmartSun™ Glass

    Superior solar control glass that offers high visibility.

  • Low-E4® Sun Glass
    Outstanding thermal performance in southern climates where less solar heat gain is desired.

Strength Options

Tempered glass is standard on all A-Series doors and is available on all A-Series windows. All Low-E4® glass options are available with laminated, impact-resistant glass. Doors are also available with monolithic, impact-resistant glass. Other glass options are also available; see your Andersen dealer for details.
  • Low-E4® Impact-Resistant Glass

    Satisfies coastal wind-borne debris code requirements, lowers sound transmission, resists forced entry and is energy-efficient. Tempered also available.

  • Low-E4® SmartSun™ Impact-Resistant Glass
    Offers the structural and safety benefits of Low-E4® Impact-Resistant Glass while reducing heat transfer and greatly reduces UV rays. Tempered also available.
  • Low-E4® Sun Impact-Resistant Glass

    Tinted to reduce heat gain from intense sunlight while offering the safety of Low-E4® Impact-Resistant Glass. Tempered also available.

  • Tempered Glass
    Stronger than Low-E glass. Available for A-Series windows.

Art Glass

A-Series products are available with between-the-glass art glass, which places the decorative panel between the glass panes, providing superior protection for the art glass and making it easy to keep clean.
  • Affinity Artisan Art Glass
    Artisan Series - Affinity

  • Colonnade Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass
    Frank Lloyd Wright Series - Colonnade

  • Diamond Lights Classic Art Glass
    Classic Series - Diamond Lights

  • Eucalyptus Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass
    Frank Lloyd Wright Series - Eucalyptus

  • Harmonics Artisan Art Glass
    Artisan Series - Harmonics

  • Lotus Classic Art Glass
    Classic Series - Lotus

  • Prairie Rhythm Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass
    Frank Lloyd Wright Series - Prairie Rhythm

  • Regency Classic Art Glass
    Classic Series - Regency

  • Taos Classic Art Glass
    Classic Series - Taos

  • Victoria Classic Art Glass
    Classic Series - Victoria

  • Wichita Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass
    Frank Lloyd Wright Series - Wichita


Patterned glass lets in light while obscuring vision and adds a unique decorative touch to your home.
  • shapes
  • shapes
  • shapes
  • shapes

Grille Patterns

Window grilles offer an extra design touch to enhance any architectural style or express the taste of any homeowner. Andersen® A-Series windows and patio doors offer a variety of grille types and grille patterns, making it easy to fit both your style and your home’s. For a signature look, we’ll work with you to create custom grille designs.

A sample of our patterns for casement windows is shown below. Many more are available. Patterns for other windows or patio doors may differ, depending on product type and size. For details, see your Andersen dealer.

  • Colonial Grille Pattern
  • Renaissance Grille Pattern
  • Specified Equal Light Grille Pattern
    Specified Equal Light
  • Custom Grille Patterns Available

Grille Configurations

  • Perm Ext & Perm Int w/ Spacer Grille Configurations
    Full Divided Light
    Give your window an authentic look with full divided light grilles that are permanently applied to the interior and exterior of your window with a spacer between the glass.
  • Removable Int w/ Perm Ext Grille Configurations Perm Ext & Perm Int Grille Configurations
    Simulated Divided Light
    Simulated divided light offers permanent grilles on the exterior and interior with no spacer between the glass. We also offer permanent exterior grilles with removable interior grilles, available in natural wood or prefinished white.
  • Removable Interior Grille Configurations Finelight (between-the-glass) Grille Configurations
    Convenient Cleaning Options
    Removable interior grilles come off for easy cleaning. Andersen® Finelight™ grilles are installed between the glass panes and feature a contoured 1-inch or ¾-inch profile.

Grille Widths

Grilles for Andersen® A-Series windows and doors are available in a variety of widths to help you achieve any architectural style with authenticity.
  • Three Quarter Inch Grille Width Profile
  • Three Quarters Inch Finelight Grille Width Profile
    3/4" (Finelight Only)
  • Seven Eighths Inch Grille Width Profile
  • One Inch Finelight Grille Width Profile
    1" (Finelight Only)
  • One and One Eighth Inch Grille Width Profile


  • Plinth Blocks

    Plinth blocks enhance casing transitions.

  • Sash Set or Direct Set Glass

    A sash set or direct set glass allows for more flexibility in window combinations, creating perfect alignment with a range of window types.

  • Interior Arch Casing

    Interior arch casing is available in colonial or ranch styles.


A-Series windows and doors deliver the best out-of-the-box performance of any Andersen product line. They have been exposed to extremes, going from temperatures duplicating the cold of Alaska winters to the heat of Death Valley summers, three times a day, day after day. They came through it all beautifully.
  • Coastal Upgrade

    Stormwatch® structural enhancements meet most coastal U.S. building code requirements, improve energy efficiency, and resist wear from salt water and storms.

    Learn more about Coastal Performance

    Control your heating and cooling costs by choosing the best type of glass for your climate and performance needs.

    Find the ENERGY STAR® Product Performance Rating
  • NFRC Ratings
    Use National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ratings to quickly compare window and door energy efficiency.
    Learn more about NFRC Ratings
  • Performance Grade
    Performance Grade (PG) represents a window or door's resistance to infiltration by wind, water or forced entry. This measurement replaces Design Pressure (DP) ratings.
    Learn more about PG Ratings


Andersen offers detailed instruction guides to aid in the installation process. Installation services are provided by independent companies and are not endorsed by Andersen.
Installation Guide
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Andersen® A-Series windows and doors are low maintenance and are covered by our exclusive Owner-2-Owner® limited warranty.
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Technical Documents

Accessory Guide
Accessory Guide - Standard Product
Products with Stormwatch® Protection
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