Spanish Colonial Home Style


The Spanish Colonial style gained widespread popularity in the United States in the first part of the 1900s, primarily in the south and southwest where overheating was a problem much of the year. Thick walls and deep, shaded loggias proved to be an ideal response to the climate and were well-suited to incorporate the architectural details from many eras of Spanish and Mexican homes.

  • A combination of Spanish home styles
  • Stucco walls, balconies and patios
  • Casement windows and French doors
  • Tall, narrow windows with rectangular grilles

Colors & Finishes

Dark browns were a staple of the Spanish Colonial Revival style as it rose to popularity in the Southwest and Florida.  Over time and in other
areas of the country, additional colors can be seen with all possessing the same richness of the original palette.

Spanish Colonial Home Style Window Color Finishes

Color Combinations

Typically one color is used in the Spanish Colonial Revival style across windows, patio doors and trim.  The single color is meant to contrast with
the very light color of the adjacent exterior stucco or interior plaster.

Spanish Colonial Home Style Color Combinations


As windows and doors in the Spanish Colonial Revival style are often recessed into the exterior walls, narrow exterior trim is most appropriate.
A 2" brick mould trim with extended sill nose is most common.

To achieve that authentic Spanish Colonial Revival styling, or to create a variance all your own, A-Series products provide a choice of three
exterior trim profiles and three head trim options: with 11 colors to choose from.  For a historically accurate look, our E-Series/Eagle windows
and doors are available with up to 5 1/2" flat trim and comes in 50 exterior colors, custom colors, and anodized finishes.


Window hardware usually has an unadorned appearance and dark finish to best resemble iron.  Door hardware can vary greatly by region, from
the extremely simple to the extremely ornate.

Andersen windows and doors are available with a range of hardware options to fit your Spanish Colonial Revival style. Bellagio patio door
hardware offers a more ornate look while Albany delivers simple functionality.

Spanish Colonial Home Style Window Door Hardware