Ranch Home Style


Ranch houses are typically unpretentious, long, narrow and low to the ground. They became popular among post-World War II veterans and spread across the country, resulting in several variations. Contemporary Ranches are simple and have hipped or gabled roofs and deep overhangs. International-style ranch houses have flat roofs and more glass.

  • Single-story, long and narrow architecture
  • Casement or double-hung windows flanking a large picture window
  • Horizontal grilles or no grilles

Colors & Finishes

The traditional Ranch featured a more muted, yet sophisticated color palette primarily including earthy tones.  Contrast in the Ranch style home
comes from working within an established color palette and using a variety of textures.

Ranch Home Style Window Color Finishes

Color Combinations

Mix and match colors within the subtle, earthy tones of the Ranch style home.  Andersen A-Series exterior trim is available in 11 colors, so you
can match or complement your window and door colors to create a variety of looks.  With E-Series/Eagle products, match or contrast the trim
of the windows and doors with any of 50 exterior colors and anodized finishes for a more personalized look. 

Ranch Home Style Color Combinations


Ranch style windows typically have 2" brick mould trim on the sides and the head with an extended sill nose.

To achieve that authentic Ranch styling, or to create a variance all your own, A-Series products provide a choice of three exterior trim profiles
and three head trim options, with 11 colors to choose from.  For a historically accurate look, our E-Series/Eagle windows and doors are available
with up to 5-1/2" flat trim and comes in 50 exterior colors, custom colors, and anodized finishes.


Ranch style homes feature hardware that is simple and functional with no decorative flourishes.  For both window and patio doors, hardware
may err on the side of Modern styling. 

Andersen windows and doors are available with minimalist hardware choices such as Contemporary Folding casement handles and Tribeca
gliding patio door hardware.

Ranch Home Style Window Door Hardware