Craftsman Bungalow Home Style


Craftsman-style houses emerged from the traditions of Arts & Crafts designs found throughout the country that promoted a simple decorative expression of structural elements. The bungalow is one of the most common home styles that emerged from that movement.

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  • Developed out of British Arts & Crafts movement
  • Double-hung or casement windows
  • Exterior trim contrasts with window frame color
  • Grilles patterns create vertical proportions

Colors & Finishes

Craftsman Bungalow window colors favor warm, earthy browns, greens, burgundies and yellows. The window frame and sash are usually one color, the window trim is a contrasting color and the home's siding color is close to the color of the window frame and sash.
Craftsman Bungalow Home Style Window Color Finishes

Color Combinations

Follow the color combination matrix below to mix and match the warm, earthy tones in the Craftsman Bungalow style and create your exterior window options. Andersen A-Series exterior trim is available in 11 colors, so you can match or complement your window and door colors to create a variety of looks. With E-Series/Eagle products, match or contrast the trim of the windows and doors with any of 50 exterior colors, custom colors and anodized finishes.
Craftsman Bungalow Home Style Color Combinations


Craftsman Bungalow style windows typically have 4 1/2" or 5 1/2" flat board trim on the sides and head with a 1 3/4" sill nose. Head casing is trimmed with a simple bed moulding and 2" cornice above.

To achieve that authentic Craftsman Bungalow styling, or to create a variance all your own, A-Series products provide a choice of three exterior trim profiles and three head trim options; with 11 colors to choose from. For a historically accurate look, our E-Series/Eagle windows and doors are available with up to 5 1/2" flat trim and comes in 50 exterior colors, custom colors, and anodized finishes.

Craftsman Bungalow Home Style Exterior Trim


Craftsman Bungalow window hardware is known for its functionality. Hinges, sash lifts and locks are integral to the style, and any decorative elements are simple and understated. The most popular hardware finishes are black, distressed bronze and distressed nickel.

Craftsman Bungalow doors feature substantially sized hardware usually in black, distressed bronze or distressed nickel finish. Each component, such as the opener and deadbolt, is historically a stand-alone element. Andersen offers a  a choice of patio door hardware styles that complement Craftsman Bungalow homes. Yuma® hardware features a rectangular escutcheon plate and smoothly curved hand grips that are traditional within the style, while Albany offers a slightly rounded plate and straight handles but still with a very crafted look.

Craftsman Bungalow Home Style Window Door Hardware

Pattern Book

Pattern books from the Andersen Style Library present quintessential details of the most popular American architectural styles, with an emphasis on window and door design. The result of years of research, they exist to make it easier to create homes with architectural authenticity. Get the Craftsman Bungalow Home Style Pattern Book.

You can also view the pattern book on the Andersen Home Style Pattern Book app:


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