Home Style Library

Your home's architectural style says a lot about you. Andersen® windows and doors allow it to speak with authenticity. Our Home Style Library will show you how.
  • American Farmhouse Home Style Illustration

    The American Farmhouse home style is influenced by Colonial and Victorian styles, features tall, narrow double-hung windows, bay windows and window groupings, and 2-over-2 grille patterns.

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  • Craftsman Bungalow Home Style Illustration

    Craftsman bungalow home styles developed from the British Arts & Crafts movement, feature double-hung or casement window, exterior trim that contrasts with the window frame color, and grille patterns that create vertical proportions.

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  • Georgian Federal Home Style Illustration

    The georgian federal home style is a variation of colonial architecture, features tall double-hung windows simple window combinations, and multiple divided lights with rectangular grilles.

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  • Modern Home Style Illustration

    The modern home style has flat roofs and simple lines, features casement windows that combine in long ribbons, aligning windows/doors for clean look, and no grilles in windows or doors.

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  • Prairie Home Style Illustration

    The prairie home style is the first architecture of American origin, features casement windows that combine in horizontal shapes, brown, red and rust window trim colors, and art glass or Prairie grilles.

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  • Queen Anne Home Style Illustration

    The queen anne home style emerged during Victorian era (1880–1910), features gables, bay windows, towers and overhangs, double-hung windows often with art glass, and grille patterns create geometric shapes.

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  • Ranch Home Style Illustration

    The ranch or rambler home style is a single-story, long and narrow architecture, features casement or double-hung windows flanking a large picture window, and horizontal grilles or no grilles.

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  • Shingle Home Style Illustration

    The Shingle home style is distinctly American and traces its beginnings to the late 19th Century, with interiors borrowed heavily from the Arts & Crafts style, features window height-to-width proportion of 2-to-1, a wide variety of accent windows, and 6" x 6" square grille patterns.

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  • Spanish Colonial Home Style Illustration

    The spanish colonial home style features a combination of spanish home styles, stucco walls, balconies and patios, casement windows and french doors, and tall, narrow windows with rectangular grilles.

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  • Tudor Home Style Illustration

    The tudor home style is based on English folk/late medieval palaces, features asymmetrical-style architecture, window frames tend to be dark wood tones, and rectangular or diamond-shaped grilles.

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  • Architectural Collection

  • Whether you want a historically accurate look or simply to create a specific style all your own, the Andersen® Architectural Collection can meet your needs.