A Sweat Equity Project: Narroline Window Conversion Kits

Dec, 2014 - For many remodelers, budgets are often the biggest challenge: the client has castle dreams and a cottage budget. Cutting corners is one option, or sometimes the client is handy enough to take on some of the labor for tasks like demolition to build a little “sweat equity” into the project. For projects that include window…

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New Home Style Pattern Books Released

Dec, 2014 - Whether a stack of spiral-bound books on the shelf in your office, or viewed through the app (available through the iTunes App Store or GooglePlay) we’ve heard from architects, contractors and trades about your interest in seeing more Home Style Pattern Books added to our collection. The three newest additions – Cape Cod, Mission Revival,…

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Social Networks: it’s about the conversation

Dec, 2014 - “What’s on your mind?” That’s the trick question that can lead anyone down a slippery conversational slope, whether you’re in a meeting or online. On a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, the conversation is the relationship – what you share, your tone, responsiveness to and respect for other points of view will help…

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