Social Networks: Manage Your Sites

Sep, 2014 - Just as any business network takes care and nurturing, so do your company’s social networks. Users are drawn to social networks for the opportunity to interact, have conversations, find reasons to return and interact again. Your social network is an extension of your business, and is a valuable amplifier of everything you do and promote.…

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Home Style App – Now on Android

Sep, 2014 - Embrace mobile. It’s where our world is headed. Mobile technology like smartphones and tablets is a perfect medium for the building industry, known for being on the move and on location in remote places without access to things like, oh… electricity for instance? Think of how cell phones changed the industry. Mobile is the next…

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Social Networks: Choose Your Platform

Sep, 2014 - Once upon a time, only birds “tweeted.” And a “like” was more of a sentiment than it was a click on your screen. Today, with the growing number of social networks accessible on the Internet, it’s easy to feel like your company must be everywhere. Rather than spread your resources – and as a result,…

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